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About Livia

Our Story

Livia Pure Skin Care is the ultimate in organic skin care nutrition for your skin. Our products are raw (cold-processed), organic and handmade in small batches when you order. We are paraben, sulfate and junk FREE and preserved with amino acids, salts, vitamins and pure extracts.

Livia is extremely active, concentrated and effective. Organic skin care users see results in under 2 weeks. Most of our products are vegan and all are vegetarian. We test our formulas on people… NEVER on animals.

Go ahead…. You’ll love us! We are dedicated to you and to the environment. We are family owned and operated and very much look forward to serving you!

How Livia was born….

Concocting herbal remedies was my specialty as a young girl growing up in San Francisco’s Bay Area. “What are you making now?” was the constant question referring to the earthy smells coming from the kitchen. A visit to the whole foods market was my favorite trip: To paw through herbs, botanicals and dried fruits I’d never heard of, then reference them at home in my plethora of books on natural healing.

My Dad appreciated my thirst for the natural as he was the eldest of 7 chiropractic children and son of the Dean of Chiropractic at THE Chiropractic College at the time. Mom’s side was chiropractors as well… so it wasn’t so out of the ordinary when I took up sifting and combining nature’s material to heal.

Homeopathic Certification was next, that then lead me to Massage Therapy, then to teaching and administration in Holistic Bodywork and finally to the Lead Therapist and Back of the House Manager position at one of the top 10 Destinations Spas in the US. Not only was I in charge of ordering product from different lines (and noticing ingredients) but I was given the fine opportunity to create the special treatments for each month, taking it upon myself to formulate them from scratch. The other therapists thought it was exciting and the clients loved the natural freshness of the ingredients.

Jump ahead five years to opening our own Spa, my hubby and I, in Salt Lake City, Utah. An oddly polarized, wonderful place to live and enjoy Natures Beauty. The heart of the Wasatch Mountain front was now our backyard. Talk about wildcrafted ingredients! Fresh local honey, wild lavender, juniper, and the like surrounding us everywhere.

At Our Spa, we went with the most organic skincare line we could find. I liked it, never loved it. At home, with our 2 children we use the top organic products to heal, and nourish their sensitive baby skin in this dry climate. Nothing worked like I wanted it to.

My daughter Livia was a few months old and developed a sore on her chin from the constant wetness of the binky. I tried everything…nothing I could buy would heal it. Livia (the girl) was the purest thing I could imagine! Most of the products I purchased said “organic” on the label, but I came to find out they were highly processed, or preserved with things I didn’t want going on to my children’s skin, let alone absorbing into their pristine bloodstreams.

Being so busy, I hadn’t concocted my own recipes for a bit. I took to the cupboards, the fridge, then the natural foods markets and once again pawed through raw ingredients. This time not as a child, but for my child, which was all the more urgent. In 5 days, she healed right up.

Thus, Livia Pure Skin Care was born. Little by little, out of necessity for something on the shelves that is effective and pure; that we want for our children and for ourselves.

I am committed to changing the face of the personal care and skin care industries and how we, as consumers purchase: by innovating nature’s whole foods, herbs and oils to cause effective results and healthy skin by both external and internal nutrition. I firmly believe that what is needed to balance our skin is right there in your garden, in your fridge. It doesn’t need cooking or toxic preservation. Everything we need to look young, healthy, vibrant, acne free and fresh is taken from Mother Earth herself. Eating many raw foods each day, balancing your omega fatty acids, taking herbal teas daily, cutting down on stress, laughing out loud… These are all things that add to your natural beauty.

So I say, concoct away! Open your fridge! Slather on some raw yogurt and honey, a dab of avocado and some lemon oil! Have a bowl full of blueberries and almonds for breakfast! Sit in a bathtub full of chamomile tea and sea salts! It’s really very simple…Healthy nourished skin begins here. Livia Pure Skin Care.