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Salicylic "C" Cleanser
from 18.50

~ Oily/Acneic Skin Types

  • Salycilic Acid -Causes the cells of the epidermis to shed more readily, opening clogged pores and neutralizing bacteria within.
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil - Has antiviral and antimicrobial properties
  • Lavender Essential Oil - Regenerative and soothing, beneficial in the treatment of acne.
Salicylic C Serum

~for oily/acne prone & congested skin types

~for ingrown prone areas

A brilliant synergy of holistic herbs, plants & flowers combined with medical grade Salicylic Acid, to penetrate deeply. Stops acne where it begins and prevents further breakouts.

Active: 3% Salicylic Acid

Acneic Sample Pack

Vital 5 sample pack

Included samples:

  • cleanser
  • toner
  • masque
  • serum
  • moisture

~can customize sample pack; leave note of which product samples you would like~

Lavender Salicylic Toner
from 18.00

~ Oily/Acneic skin types

Nutritious herbs, botanicals and vitamins with medical grade Salicylic Acid.

Active: 1.5% Salicylic Acid

Graprefruit and Green Tea Moisture
from 34.00

~with alpha hydroxy acids for oily, combination, sensitive & blemished skin —16 SPF 

Balance your skins pH, oil production, clear up & speed healing of blemishes and deliver must-have nutrients & moisture.

Travel Acneic Vital 3
54.00 70.50

Salicylic C Cleanser - 2 oz

Lavender Salicylic Toner - 2 oz

Grapefruit Green Tea Moisture - 2 oz

Frosted Cranberry Cell Renewal Masque
from 27.00

~ Stop and reverse cellular damage and signs of aging for most skin types

Reverse the oxidizing free radical process for smoother, younger, happier and truly vibrant skin. Free radical damage, called oxidation, shows up in our skin as wrinkles and sagging. The cellular matrix of ourcells collapses under the ongoing attack of free radicals. Antioxidants HALT AND REVERSE this intracellular and extracellular attack.

Acneic Vital 5
  • Salycilic "C" Cleanser
  • Lavender Salycilic Toner
  • Frosted Cranberry Cell Renewal Masque
  • Salycilic "C" Serum
  • Grapefruit & Green Tea Moisture